Many vendors claim trial service as one of their many service offerings. Although Interactive Presentation Solutions offer several services, trial-related support and presentation services are our core business. We offer many years of actual trial, mediation, arbitration, and hearing experience, in a wide variety of litigation areas, and in courtrooms from Los Angeles to San Francisco. From major-scale jury trials to one-day hearings in courtrooms and offices across the country, plaintiff or defense, civil or criminal, we have the experience to deliver quality trial services.
We can assist your legal team in whatever capacity desired, from full service trial support to providing simple, cost effective solutions, and anywhere in between. We custom tailor our trial services to fit precisely with your presentation needs. We offer

courtroom presentations


trial exhibit management


graphics and visuals


trial equipment rental

. We are also skilled and experienced in effectively managing several points of contact between multiple legal teams and co-counsel arrangements.
Our team of trial presentation experts, are always available to answer any questions please contact us to discuss your courtroom presentation needs. (818) 776 3470