With the ongoing backlog in the court systems, and the promise of continuing budget cuts within the court administration, many attorneys are waiting longer to get a trial date for their clients, only to find their cases continued, sometimes for years from the original filing date.

IPS stands ready to support you in trial,  and provide you with demonstrative evidence, technicians, and  multimedia display; that is our primary business and what we do best. However, with the judicial system literally forcing mediation,  and multiple settlement conferences. There is a very effective tool that every attorney should be employing; The Settlement Presentation.

A Settlement Presentation, is the most cost effective tool in your litigation arsenal. By presenting your case in a visual manner, with a “preview” of what is to come at trial, you have the ability to convince your opponent, a judge, and the parties involved that it’s in their best interest to resolve the matter before trial. A settlement presentation typically includes facts of the case, photographs, video, animation, and case citations,  argument, damages, and a conclusion. This technique is equally effective for either the Plaintiff or Defense counsel, and sends a clear message that you are ready for trial.