IPS is Interactive Presentation Solutions, Inc., a full service visual resource company. Combining the latest in presentation technology and the experience of our visual and legal experts toward achieving our life’s work: the persuasive presentation of evidence to help our clients obtain favorable verdicts.


Our visual experts create stunning, impactful presentations. Our legal experts provide the substance. The latter apply their extensive background in thoroughly analyzing each case to come up with the most appropriate strategies for creating effective visuals.

Immersed in the minute details of the case, they assume the vital role of In-Court Visual Directors in an actual trial. Perfectly synchronizing the visuals with your verbal communications for a seamless and well-coordinated presentation.


IPS works with your firm’s trial team to develop well-organized, easily accessible exhibits that will save time and make your arguments more convincing in the courtroom. IPS supports most presentation software programs on the market today, and can train your personnel or supply our trial technicians to support you in trial. IPS can provide or arrange for all of the equipment used throughout the trial, and support a trial war room.