IPS – Interactive Presentation Solutions is a Los Angeles, California based visual resource company specializing in

courtroom presentations


trial exhibit management


graphics, visuals

, and

trial equipment rental

Our dynamic team of professionals has consulted with trial attorneys, law firms, and corporate counsel at Fortune 500 companies to help them prepare for and present evidence at trial. Our team of experts provides personalized consultation and strategic recommendations for every phase of your litigation.
IPS consultants are committed to outstanding visual trial presentations. Our Expert graphics team and courtroom presentation knowledge allows IPS to deliver the highest level of professional trial services. Working with each of our clients, we work hard to deliver the persuasive presentation of evidence to help our clients obtain favorable verdicts. With substantial experience consulting with trial attorneys and corporate counsel on their presentation strategy, we have a deep understanding of the demands of litigation and are a true trial team partner in conducting trial presentation research and developing the most persuasive courtroom visuals.
Our technicians are experts at preparing video depositions, and creating clips for trial playback, as well as creating video stills, and editing surveillance video and site video for all your presentation needs.
Immersed in the minute details of the case, we assume the vital role of In-Court Visual Directors in an actual trial. Perfectly synchronizing the visuals with your verbal Communications for a seamless and well-coordinated presentations for trial, arbitration or settlement negotiations.
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